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    Neuheiten Jütro Tiefkühlkost
Neuheiten Smoothies Jütro Tiefkühlkost


Fancy some fruit?

Unsweetened, no artificial aromas or additives, but full of natural flavour. This mixture of harvest-fresh deep-frozen fruit pieces is ready to eat immediately after thawing. Easy to divide into portions. Bite-size chunks, ideal for making smoothies or fruit salad to accompany cereals, yoghurt or ice cream.

Berry Mix
Tropical Thunder
Green Generator
Fruit Mix
Tropical SunriseGreen Power
Banana Mix
Neuheiten Smoothies Jütro Tiefkühlkost

Neuheiten Breakfast Topper Jütro Tiefkühlkost


The healthy cream topping

A delicious fruity vitamin bomb for your cereal or breakfast yoghurt, with salads, desserts, ice cream or simply on its own. First thing in the morning or as a snack, Breakfast Topper fruit blends are perfect at any time of day.

Neuheiten Breakfast Topper Jütro Tiefkühlkost

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